Changing Your Snow Foam Gauze

Have you ever had your snow foam lance stop producing good, thick foam?

A reason for this could be the small, mesh gauze inside the head.

Follow these quick and simple steps to have your snow foam lance working like new again:

Tools required:

  • An adjustable spanner
  • A thin poking device (small screwdriver)
  • Long nose pliers (not essential but will help)
  • A new gauze 

Step 1:

Get your poking device and push the pin out of the black plastic nozzle.

See below:


With this removed now we can move on...

Step 2 :

The next step is to remove the brass stem so we can get to the gauze.

Removing this brass stem will allow you to take out the foam gauze:

This will be a 22mm spanner and turning this anti clockwise will loosen the fitting.

Step 3:

Once this is removed, get your long nose pliers and pull out the mesh gauze inside:

It's usually this part which becomes clogged either by soap scum and/or hard water residue. If your lance is losing it's efficiency but isn't leaking, it is most likely going to be the gauze that needs replaced.

Step 4:

The final step is to now reassemble your snow foam lance.

This is a very inexpensive and not very time consuming task to do. Doing this will keep your lance working like new and producing the foam that it should be.

If you need the replacement Mesh you can find these on our store here

We also have a wide variety of snow foam lances for most makes and models here 

We hope these 4 easy steps have helped you change your old mesh gauze and made your lance like new without having to spend more money on a new purchase!