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Marolex Axel 2000 Pressure Foamer Spray Bottle 2L

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The foaming lance is ready available to use and can be used with a wide variety of cleaning chemicals. With a 2L capacity and short pumping this is both effective and efficient for all your cleaning needs.


This is the Marolex Axel foam sprayer, it comes with three different interchangable inserts which can be stored in its handle and allow the user to change the density of the foam being sprayed from the device. Foam is great for cleaning stubborn dirt and is extremely effective on vertical surfaces due the increase in contact time allowed by the foam between surface and cleaning agent. After filling the foamer up with your chosen cleaning agent, a couple of short pumps to pressurise the sprayer and it is immediately ready for use. The sprayer has EPDM seals which make it suitable for a large number of cleaning agents and shampoos. Another great feature of this device is that when the foam nozzle inserts are removed it can be used like a standard sprayer as well. 

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