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  • Lavor Vulcano Hot Box - Add Heat to Your Cold Water Pressure Washer!

    Turn your cold water power washer into a hot one with the Lavor Vulcano hot box!

    It is perfect for use with industrial engine driven (petrol or diesel) pressure washers, providing you with the power from an engine and combining it with the cleaning power of heated water. Simply connect a hose between the outlet of your current washer and this hot box to set up.

    The Lavor Vulcano also has a very low power consumption with a running load of 0.3kW. This means that it can be easily used with a very small generator, making it ideal for mobile cleaning businesses.

    It is on sale at the moment, down from £1,469.00 to £1,349.00 including VAT and delivery to anywhere in the UK or Ireland. You can view and purchase it through this link:

  • Christmas & New Year Closing Times

    We will be closing for the Christmas and New Year break from Wednesday 23/12/15 until Sunday 03/01/16, inclusive. Any orders placed during that period will be dispatched as soon as we come back.

    We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone that has supported us throughout 2015, enjoy the holidays and we will see you all again in the New Year!

  • BLACK FRIDAY SALE - Karcher HDS Hot & Cold Pressure Washers

    Black Friday sale on Karcher HDS hot and cold industrial pressure washers - ALL THIS WEEK!

    For this week only we are offering discounts on the two most popular Karcher HDS industrial hot and cold power washers along with a FREE 25 litre of cleaning detergent!

    First, we have the Karcher HDS 6/12 C. This would be perfect for use around a farm or for a company with a small fleet of vehicles! On sale at a price of £1699 including VAT, here is a link to it:…

    Next, we have the Karcher HDS 7/10-4M. This is a more powerful and more industrial machine, suited to a car wash or somewhere that it will be used continuously and regularly. On sale at a price of £2195 including VAT, here is a link to it on our website:…

    Don't forget that there is also a free 25 litre of cleaning detergent with either of these machines!

    If you have any questions at all then you can call us on 028 8225 1166 (from the UK) / 048 8225 1166 (from the Republic of Ireland) Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5.30pm or Saturday 9.00am - 1.00pm.

    * Offer ends 29/11/15 *

  • Wins "Best Medium E-Commerce Website" At Irish Web Awards 2015

    The Cleantec crew took a trip down to the RDS in Dublin last night for the Realex Payments Irish Web Awards 2015 where we were delighted to reach the final for our category "Best Medium E-Commerce Website".

    It was a fantastic night out and there was a great atmosphere, made even better by the fact that we were the winners of our category!! We spent a lot of time putting together and to now receive this recognition is massive for us. Thank you to everyone involved in the making of it, it is very much appreciated!

    We would like to also give a huge thanks to Website NI ( who created the website for us. Their skill and constant support has made the website what it is today.

    Onwards and upwards, here's to the next one!

  • Petrol Chainsaw Repairs & Servicing

    We are always looking for new ways to expand our business and we felt that the natural progression from working with pressure washers is working with chainsaws! From today, we are now providing servicing and repairs for all makes of petrol chainsaws.

    Our service engineers are experts in the field of pressure washers and we have recently sent them off on many training courses to ensure they have the same level of knowledge in chainsaws. We are now extremely confident in providing as high standard of service for chainsaws as well as pressure washers!

    We provide these services for all the popular brands, including:

    ICS (concrete cutting chainsaws)
    John Deere
    PM Canadien


    Plus many more! Contact us today on 028 8225 1166 Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5.30pm if you require any more information.

  • Qualcast Pressure Washer Parts

    Homebase and Argos have introduced and are putting a big push on Qualcast power washers at the moment! In turn, we have started to sell much higher quality replacement hoses, trigger guns and lances for this brand.

    There are three different models at the moment, they are as follows:

    Qualcast 1400W Q1W-SP09-1450
    Qualcast 1800W Q1W-SP07-1800
    Qualcast 2000W Q1W-SP15-1900

    Fortunately, they all use the same connections on the hoses, trigger guns and lances so any Qualcast pressure washer spares you see on our website will suit any of the models.

    We also have Qualcast snow foam lances available that will suit your original trigger gun!

    You can view our full range here:

  • Guard Industry GTR Premium Biodegradable Concrete Remover

    Tired of using acid to clean concrete off your equipment? Are you destroying the sprayers you use and paintwork? Our Guard Industry biodegradable concrete remover is taking the concrete industry by storm! We have a dealership for Guard Industry products and this concrete remover, called GTR Premium, is our best seller. A must have for businesses and people within the concrete industry!

    This is not acid based like most of the concrete removers on the market. It is environmentally friendly and will eliminate any risk to the people applying it.

    It also does not harm paint or bodywork, it simply dissolves the concrete and nothing else.

    GTR Premium is a new-generation stripping product developed to meet the latest regulations. Ideal for maintaining RMC equipment such as metal formwork, wooden mouldboxes, concrete skips, props, RMC plants, concrete mixer trucks, etc.

    Product Description:

    • GTR® Premium is a new-generation stripping product developed to meet the latest regulations.
    • GTR® Premium is highly effective at removing concrete and cement residues and storage and demoulding oils.
    • GTR® Premium is not aggressive, unlike other products on the market based on citric, hydrochloric and phosphoric acids.
    • GTR® Premium is non corrosive, so it is safer to use. It has been designed to meet the varying requirements of applicators in terms of effectiveness, safety, use and impact on the environment.

    Advantages and Characteristics:

    • Powerful stripper, more effective than dangerous acids.
    • Applicable to all substrates with no major impact (metals, glass, rubber, paints, etc.).
    • Does not damage spray guns.
    • Non volatile.
    • Non flammable.


    • Non corrosive.
    • No hydrochloric, phosphoric or sulphuric acid.
    • Non toxic.
    • VOCs < 1 g/L*.
    • More than 90% biodegradable after 28 days*.
    • NO CMRs (substances that are carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic to reproduction) such as methoxyacetic acid.


     photo gtrpremiumbefore1_zps9rj7kx6z.jpg


     photo gtrpremiumafter1_zpsnoqthxph.jpg

    GTR Premium comes in 25 litre containers, the cost is £167 including VAT and delivery to anywhere in the UK or Ireland. You can find it here -

  • * SALE * - MAC International Hot & Cold Industrial Power Washers

    We are very proud to be an authorised MAC International premier dealer!

    MAC have been providing pressure washers of an extremely high standard for many years and anyone who has purchased one in the past will know just how good they are. We sell them into many car washes who use them all day, every day and they are a very reliable machine. The MAC Avant even won a 7 year Ministry of Defence supply contract, proving just how heavy duty it is!

    We are having a sale on the MAC Avant and MAC Drop Revolution electric mobile hot and cold industrial power washers, contact us on +44 (0) 28 8225 1166 Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5.30pm or Saturday 9.00am - 1.00pm for more information. The sale ends on 30th of June 2015.

    All details on the MAC Avant can be found here:

    All details on the MAC Drop Revolution can be found here:

  • RAC Replacement Hoses, Triggers & Lances

    We provide aftermarket pressure washer hoses, trigger guns and lances for many different makes but one of our most popular brands is RAC! A large range of RAC power washer models were sold over the years but spare parts were particularly hard to find, mainly due to that particular range being discontinued.

    As with all the hoses we provide, they are made with rubber hydraulic hose with steel wire braiding running through it. This is of far superior quality to the original thermoplastic hose and does not kink or bend like it either.

    The trigger gun, lance and variable nozzle set that we sell for RAC pressure washers is also much more industrial than the originals. The standard trigger and lance attachments are comprised of plastic or alloy, whereas ours are made up of brass and steel.

    We can provide these spare parts for the following RAC models:


    If your RAC model is not listed on the website then please contact us, we may still be able to provide parts!

    Here is a link to the full range that we provide for RAC:

  • Kranzle Pressure Washers

    A lot of businesses claim to be the cheapest for different products but we can say that we are genuinely the cheapest for Kranzle power washers in the whole of the UK and Ireland when you include VAT and delivery. We have trawled the web and cannot find anyone else cheaper, if you do find someone cheaper than us then please let us know and we will beat their price.

    One of the models we have taken in is the new Kranzle K 1050 TS. This is a fantastic, industrial pressure washer and would be more than ample for use around the house. There are a lot of pressure washers on the market that you can purchase for cheaper that come with a plastic or alloy pump and are generally not great quality. This washer comes with a brass pump, a trigger with brass internals and stainless steel lances. A DirtKiller lance is also included which is the circular motion spray used for cleaning concrete, patios etc. Kranzle have an impeccable reputation so you can be assured of a very high quality machine!

    This model costs £359 including VAT and delivery to anywhere in the UK or Ireland, it can be found here:

    You can check out the rest of the Kranzle range that we stock here:

    Our range now includes the HD K7/122, HD K10/122, K1152 TST and the K2160 TS!

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